• About us

    What do we believe in?

    For us, ’good enough’ is neither good nor enough. We work for you, which is why we strive for perfection without compromise. We’re not driven by professional awards but rather to make sure you and your customers are satisfied.

    What can you expect from us?

    • With ten years of design experience under our belt we can and will tell you if you’re wrong. We offer professionalism and honesty instead of empty promises and bullshit.
    • You will never get the feeling that you’ve seen this before.
    • We don’t design for ourselves. We work to put your ideas into practice and satisfy your customers’ needs.
    • If inspiration knocks on your door on a Saturday evening, send your idea our way and we’ll figure out how to build it into the original concept by Monday at the latest.
    • You can adjust your schedule to us: we guarantee to meet every given deadline.
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  • Eye-catching web development

    Your website is your company’s business card. If it doesn’t capture the imagination of your customers you might be brushed off within twenty seconds, regardless how good your product or your service is. We offer you a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge, but also attracts customers like a magnet. You don’t even have to worry about the technical aspects: Barna Design takes care of operation, maintenance and updating so that your website is always fresh, up-to-date and available.

  • Graphic design with a marketing perspective

    Does the picture of a cheeseburger and a big portion of fries pop into your mind when you spot a delicately arched yellow M glowing on the top of a residential building? If the answer is yes, then you should be aware of the power that a well-thought-out and consistent image wields. You will be remembered because of your uniform visual design and professional image. We will create or re-imagine your company’s image, design your print materials, dust off your business card and online creatives.

  • Packaging design

    Your product has to be able to sell itself. Packaging that is sloppy or simply bad can ruin your entire product. Be ahead of the curve in this aspect too. Surprise and amaze your customers. Don’t be afraid to stick out. We will design a packaging that’s practical, reflects your product’s personality, highlights its advantages and presses the ‘BUY’ button in your customers’ minds.

  • 3D visual design

    It doesn’t exist yet, but you’d like to see it in advance regardless? Through virtual imaging, aka 3D modelling we can create your product’s photorealistic image in still or even animated form, whether it’s in an architectural or conceptual environment.

  • Product photography

    A good picture is worth a thousand words. Most companies work with boring, conventional and soulless stock photos. If you don’t want to sell your product with the same image as your competitors and would like to use professional, high standard pictures in your communication, we can be of help. You yourself can shape the image the world is going to know you by in Barna Design’s studio or through our photography service.

  • Marketing and advertising

    SEO? Landing page? GSP? AdWords display advertisement? Remarketing? Ambient or affiliate marketing? Video advertising? Roll-ups? Banners? Have you lost the thread? If there was at least one tool you hadn’t been aware of or used, or you simply want to leave your marketing in expert hands, we can be of assistance. We will plan and build the unique and personal marketing machine that will generate the most profit and customers for your company.

  • Strategic brand building and communication

    Want to rebuild your company’s image from the ground up but don’t know where to start? Feel like your campaigns are boring, your ads wasteful and your communication lacks strategy? Or maybe you’re just starting a fresh business and would like to have a brand that attracts customers like a magnet by being irrestitable, professionally realized and well planned out? Through Barna Design’s complex brand building service we carefully plan and implement the strategy that will scare your competition to death. Stategy, marketing and design from a single source.

  • Interior design

    We spend a big part of our day working but do we actually do enough to ensure our work environment helps us instead of working against us? Would you like to walk into the kind of office that oozes personality, fits you like a glove and helps you focus? Would you like you and your colleagues to work in a well-functioning, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and inspiring environment? The kind of interiors we create help you loosen up and relax after a hard day of intense negotiation and help multiply your performance.

  • Education

    Would you like to learn about or teach your colleagues the basics of graphic design? Don’t want to turn to your web guy every single time you want a new blog post uploaded on your website? Or do you feel like diving into the world of marketing-oriented visual communication to give your subcontractors a good briefing? Then study with the Barna Design team. Themed workshops, personalized group trainings or one-to-ones: choose the type of education you or your company needs and we will deliver knowledge straight to your doorstep.

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  • Gergő


    “Surgically alters and enhances your image. (Without needing a medical degree!)”

  • Kriszti


    “Knows not 50, but 256 shades of grey.”

  • Marci


    “Delivers customers like a machine but needs no maintenance.”


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